Build your next VW Camper with us

Over the years, we have worked on just about every imaginable shaped and spec'd VW Transporter. Our vast knowledge of vehicle mechanics, fabrication and of course aesthetics puts us in the best position to create exceptional builds. 

Building on our many magazine front cover featured Transporter wraps, renowned for quality and workmanship, we are opening our VW Transporter services to cover the full range of visual upgrades, performance upgrades, full conversions, partial conversion, pop roof installations and so much more. 

Through extensive market research, we know that conversion spec levels are critical to most purchases. Along side the building of our own Transporter Camper fleet, we can help build your dream VW Camper from financing the initial vehicle purchase, the design and specification process, planning your conversion, choosing your interior finish and making the exterior look exceptional. 

Bespoke Interiors - 3M Endorsed

By combining our expert wrapping skills and our innovative forwrad way of thinking, we have an interior finish options list with more than 2000 finishes. 

Designed to be hard wearing, fire resistant, and visually stunning, our architectural range of 3M wrapping film will deliver on a finish so realistic, you wouldnt believe it is a wrap. This of course also means that we have the largest range of interior furniture finishings for VW Transporter conversions in the world.

Not only can you now choose the look, fit and function of your VW Conversion furniture, but also the look, feel, colour and texture to your exact specifications. 

Bespoke Exteriors - 3M Authorised

No-one knows how to wrap a VW Transporter better than us. Our expert team will guide you through the full process from designs and visuals, through to the installation of any wrap to create the perfect finish. 

Our fabrication team is on hand to assist with any requirements such as body kits, body styling, side bards, spoilers, pop roofs, headlight conversion and so much more. 

If that doesn't feel like enough, we can also handle any wheel upgrade, suspension, and even performance tuning. 

Pop Roof installations

Sometimes a camper is just not a camper without a pop roof. But choosing a pop roof should not be difficult or complicated!

Our bespoke supply and install pop roof kit is generally completed within only a few days, and will transform the interior and functionality of your VW Transporter!

choose your colour or create your own! Our pop roof kits are wrapped to order, and with over 800 colours to choose from, and a bespoke design service available to create your very own work of art on your roof, we are naturally the only people you need to be talking to!

And, with our Pay Monthly options, it doesnt need to break the bank either! Get a pop roof installed and fitted for as little as £40 per month!*