High quality 3M authorised car, bike, van & interior wrapping




We have over 1000 different colours and finishes available, some exciting & exclusive pearlescent colours, or print a unique design to suit your exact requirements.
Here are a few colour examples we have pulled together, but it is always best to pop in to us and have a look at the colours first hand. We carry samples of all the colours in our shop, and always recommend that you drop in for a good look!

Key benefits of a partial wrap 

- Quick same day turnaround in only a few hours and can be removed relatively quickly
- Perfect for styling features such as roof wraps, bonnet wraps,  mirror wraps, interior trim wraps, chrome delete wraps, 
   stripes, graphics and so much more
- Allows you to create your own look or add some factory options at a fraction of the price
- 6 Months short term finance, allowing you to spread the costs with 0% APR typical*
- 10 year manufacturer warranty* (only available from us as 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers)
- No job is to big or too small

Key benefits of a full vehicle wrap 

- Completed in approx 3-5 days
- Can be removed within a few hours
- Protects your paint from scratches and fading
- Allows you to be creative and unique without the permanent commitment
- Huge range of colours, finishes and options
- Printed wraps allow for unique designs and eye catching, branding wraps to really get you noticed
- Partial wraps, interior trims, colour change or commercial branding wraps available
- Available on finance, allowing you to spread the costs with 0% APR typical*
- 10 year manufacturer warranty* (only available from us as 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers)




Invidual edition printed wraps

Anything is possible from custom
interior trims to full custom printed wraps


Colour change wraps

Full external 
Full wrap including door shuts
Full wrap including door & boot shuts


Chrome and trim blackout

Window surrounds
Grille surrounds
Vents & Trims


Quick turnarond single panels

Roofs/Partial roofs
Interior trims 




  1. Matte Iced Blue Titanium wrap
  2. Gloss Indulgent Blue Wrap
  3. Gloss Morpheus Black Starlight wrap
  4. Matte Viper Green
  5. Gloss Purple Black wrap
  6. Matte Red Gold Wrap
  7. Matte Purple Black wrap
  8. Matte Magnetic Black wrap
  9. Gloss Imperial Orchard wrap
  10. Gloss Copper Black wrap
  11. Matte Anodised Bronze wrap
  12. Matte Trenton Blue wrap
  13. Matte Perfect Black wrap
  14. Psychedelic Gloss
  15. 3M Gloss Blue Fire wrap
  16. 3M Satin Ghost Flip Pearl wrap
  17. 3M Satin Key West wrap
  18. 3M Shadow Black wrap
  19. 3M Lipstick Candy Red wrap
  20. 3M Black Cherry wrap
  21. 3M Gloss Wicked wrap


​​Full wraps are very involved and required a huge amount of skill, knowledge, as well as key environmental factors

Wrapping process breakdown 

1. Cleaning and contamination removal - Absolutely vital to any installation, all surfaces must be clean
2. Deep clean and clay to remove contamination & chemical residues - Tar spots and chemical residues such as waxes and coatings must be removed
3. Vehicle dismantling - For a clean, factory look, dismantling is essential and will prevent damage to paint
4. Installation of vinyl to vehicle panels - A delicate and demanding process for ensuring perfect results
5. Re-assembly of trims, panels and parts removed - No damage to paint, and a perfectly clean finish
5. Post heating and curing - All vinyl has to be post heated to a very high temperature for the adhesive to set
6. Final presentation checks -  Carried out by the installer to ensure a long lasting finish
7. Application of Ceramic treatments if required - Ceramics and protection will increase the life and durability of the wrap
8. Further curing - Newly wrapped vehicles need to be left in a stable temperature to prevent failures from temperature variations
9. Vehicle function checks - Anything removed is replaced and double checked 
10. Quality Control - A final check from a customer perspective, not completed by the installers for a non-bias check point

Environmental factors and what to expect from professional wrappers

Clean and tidy environment, suitable for purpose - Anything produced from a dirty, dusty or untidy workshop will fall short on quality
Climate control - Every wrapping vinyl is highly temperature specific, too hot or too cold will result in failures
Correct tools and equipment - Knifeless tape, masking tapes, product specific installation tools and dismantling equipment is a must
External accreditation such as 3M Authorisation - Vetted, trained, and professional outfits always produce the best results
Public liability insurance - A legal requirement for all businesses, but you will be surprised how many outfitters are not insured
Motor insurance - Simply driving your vehicle into the workshop requires motor insurance, any accidents will leave you out of pocket
Product insurance - The incorrect installation of vinyl products can cause damage, and anyone who takes themselves seriously will have this additional insurance in place for customer assurance should the worst happen. 
Timescales - You might want your car back as soon as possible, but anything less than 3 days for a small car should be questioned as you would not want a rushed or pressured installer loose on your car, and time must be allowed for post installation curing

Quotations and estimates

All quotations and estimates are produced using a quality lead calculation system. Due to the huge variance in options and vehicle specifications, each job is unique and specific to the vehicle. We consider all circumstances and offer comptitive rates while retaining quality and time allocations to ensure that each and every installation is completed correctly, thoroughly and checked before being handed back to the client. 

DVLA & Legal

Colour change vinyl wraps are required to be changed on the vehicle V5 logbook. This is as simple as adding the new colour to the V5 and sending it off to the DVLA. This is a free service, usually completed over 1-2 weeks.

Printed wraps or partial wraps does not require a colour change as it is exempt from the legislation. 




The hottest new product available to the market. 

Custom tire stickers and lettering that will transform your wheels.

Our tire stickers are custom made to order, ranging from standard manufacturer logos in single colours to full custom printed walls. Anything is possible, with very quick turnaround times supplied or fitted.

Tire stickers fact sheet:

Our tire stickers are designed for short term exhibition use, printed onto a specialliy developed, PVC free vinyl design to stick to rubber surfaces inclduing car and truck tires, bicycle tyres, motorbike tyres and just about any other rubber textured surface.
Available in a matte finish, the tire letters can be cut to any design or shape, printed in any colour, and contain just the text or a full printed tyre wall. 

How long will they last? 
The life of the tyre stickers will depend on the use and mileage of the car while applied, as well as washing frequency and the performance levels the tyres are put through. It's primary purpose is for short term, exhibition use such as shows, car meets and events however being chemical resistant and when applied correctly, they can last much longer. Printed (non-white) tyre stickers will fade over time however and may be damaged by chemicals. 

How are they applied?
The tyre stickers work just like a normal transfer graphic, applied to a clean, grease and contaminant free, and dry tyre wall with an initial tack to hold the graphic in place. Once in the correct position, heat is applied with a foam roller allowing the graphics to mould onto the tyre wall and settle in over any raised text on the tyre before being left to cure for 24 hours. Small pin like spikes will need to be trimmed off prior to application, and we always recommend a professional install for the best finish. The stickers are not designed to fit inside the manufacturer text found on the tyre wall, however it can be designed to be a close match to the original text/logo if we know the exact dimensions. It can however be applied over the top of any existing text or logos. 

What do we need to know?
Prices start from £80 for a set of 4 white stickers such as the manufacturer logos or £120 fitted. The graphic is pre-shaped so we will need to know the size of the tyre as written on the tyre wall i.e. 245/19/35. Printed or custom tyre stickers require a bit more design work so please email or call us with your specifications. Care should be taken to ensure that the sticker does not make contact with the curved area of the tyre wall as contact with the ground will ruin the graphics. 

Are they removable? 
The tire stickers naturally need a very strong adhesive to adhere to the rubber surface and comes with a permanent adhesive system. They will not damage the tyre in respect of safety but may leave a slight surface etching or adhesive behind when removed. Care must also be taken when cleaning as edges could get caught during heavy scrubbing or close up pressure washing. 

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Probably one of the most spectacular vinyl wrap finishes available, with a crystal clear chrome reflective finish and many different colours to choose from including the entire satin chrome colour range.

Chrome wrap fact sheet:

Chrome wraps offers a visual appeal like no other, and has the potential to wow any crowd at any time. Designed for high end vehicle enhancement, the chrome wraps have a manufacturer's life expectancy of 12 months, however this depends largely on how ofter the vehicle is used, kept and maintained. 

We can also laminate the chrome vinyls with a protective layer to enhance the life and durability of the chrome finish, as well as a range of ceramic coatings to reduce overall maintenance of the wrap. 

Prices start at £5000 for a full external wrap in the chrome range, and we also have a long term 24 or 36 Month finance option available on request.